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The Sea of Monsters  - Rick Riordan, Jesse Bernstein I really don't know why I took so long to read these books, but I'm glad I finally am. I just love a good story. And I personally liked this book a lot better than the first, which is saying something because usually the second book in a series is just sort of there for me. Thumbs up for that RR.

A big ole thumbs down though for the audiobook narrator. Come on, I have a great love for voice actors, seriously you guys are awesome. But the portrayal of some of these voices (ie Luke, Kronos) make them sound like stoner airheads. Lets be real, the evil people are never stupid, they wouldn't make it very long if they were. Maybe I'm stereotyping which is unfair because of how much I hate the way people equate a southern accent with ignorance. I digress! That could use a little work.

It's also unfair that I keep drawing correlations to Harry Potter (trio, evil dude who was dead and is trying to come back, prophecies, secret magic places hidden from regular people, etc). They are very different stories so I'm trying to train my mind to stop putting them at odds. I can't help it though, I can't imagine anything could live up to my love for Harry Potter.

Onto book three asap!