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Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2) -  Ed Westwick,  Heather Lind, Cassandra Clare I'm going to be honest, as formulaic as I think CC's books are sometimes (characters development, small conflicts, a task that suddenly just the main character can undertake, an ending battle that doesn't go as planned, etc.) it worked in this book so well. **Caution for possible spoilers ahead**

Starting Clockwork Angel was a struggle because I was sure I wouldn't like this world more then I did MI. But after finishing Clockwork Prince, I think ID might be tops =)

Lets talk about pluses:
1. No main character POV hogging: This is one of the things I love about CC's books and I think what helps to flesh out her supporting characters. It's good to see all the characters from differing points of view, even from the POV of a character that dislikes them. That's what makes them more real.

2. Love Triangle Angst: Not as bad as I thought it would be. Honestly, it's one of the things I dislike about most YA books are the predictable love triangles. Would it kill the author to bring in more available, likeable girls? But I digress. I find William to be much more likeable then Jace in MI, and I say this because after the first book, I'd thrown them both into a column of same character, different timeline. That's changed now. Tessa is a likeable heroine and Jem is so much more then the best friend who falls in love with the girl as well. It's impossible to see how it could work out without someone being devastated. Oh the angst!

3. Speaking of angst, that was one of my favorite parts. Angst among the main trio, angst between Henry and Charlotte, angst between Sophie and Gideon, etc. But instead of being some completely out there reasoning like not being able to be with someone because being in their kingdom could kill you (no disrespect to Iron Fey, I love that series), but the reasons were down to earth. Sophie's uncertainy of her place, Gideon of his family, Charlotte and Henry of their love for one another, the trio as mentioned above. In a world of fantasy they had real world problems.

4. Magnus' small but important role: Magnus' SL seemed hardly there, but it was important, mostly as a foreshadow to MI verse Magnus. I love seeing his differences and similarities between the two verses, unlike Camille who is about as boring as a piece of paper. I feel bad for him in this period, but I know things will get better in the future. I'm interested to see if he and Will interact again, they are quite entertaining with one another.

5. Ed Westwick's sexy man voice: Lets be real, after listening to COFA, I had to have this book on audio. I could have done with him narrating the whole book, but that wasn't my choice. When he did, it was magical.

Things I didn't like:
1. This was mainly a lack of villain. I would have loved to see Mortmain again, he intrigues me. Nate is hardly a good stand in and the clockwork creatures are troublesome, but no villains. I assume this will be alleviated in the finale.

Clearly I've spoken enough about this book, though in all honesty I feel as if I could write loads more. If you love Mortal Instruments, you should get into this series, you won't be disappointed. And if you are, well don't take it out on me =)