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Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green;David Levithan Surprisingly, upon finishing this book, I don't feel depressed or angry or like my heart has been ripped out like I usually do upon the end of a John Green book. I think it helped that it was a collaborative effort with David Levithan or perhaps JG really doesn't want to stomp on my feelings ALL the time.

It seems that with this book there's a divide between which Will Grayson people like more. It was honestly easy for me to tell that the intial Will was John's voice and that the second (I like to refer to him as troubled Will) Will is David's voice, though that was process of elimination being that I haven't read any of his other books. BUT after reading his excerpts and his ability to build a character, I'll definitely be looking into it. I digress. I really didn't favor one Will over the other. Perhaps because I liked and disliked them equally, the way you should like and dislike a character. They should be flawed people who do things that piss you off, but that can redeem themselves. Both of these characters are like that, I loved and hated them both on separate occasions.

I think we can all agree that the star of this book is Tiny. His personality is ridiculous (or as he would say fabulous) and sometimes so over the top that I have a hard time believing that could be a real person. But he is, he's the person who hides their bad moods and insecurities behind a smile and an uninterrupted stream of words. I think he's the person that most people can relate to because we all know that person or we are that person. We might not all know a Will Grayson, but we all know a Tiny Cooper.

I think I've decided the reason that I like JG is his ability to pack a punch. I can finish his books in a day and I don't feel cheated. I will carry this over as an expectation for DL as well once I read more of his stuff. But I wish that other authors would learn from this. A 500 page book isn't any better than one that's 200 pages if I don't feel anything at the end. I've digressed again, because this book just makes me think. And I appreciate that.