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Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo I am honestly baffled by this book. My review of the first book as so-so because there was nothing that really jumped out at me. And I think this time, the author did it right. I felt like everything in this book was just what it needed to be. But I have a hard time understanding the issues that some other people have with this book. I think that's what I'll discuss because the things I enjoyed, apparently other people didn't like.

Lets talk about characters. Alina was my favorite last time, she was a non-annoying girl who was in love with a boy she'd grown up with (Mal) and had an intense power that everyone wants for their own. Mal is a beautiful vulnerable but strong character, and I literally want to punch anyone who says anything bad about him. I fail to see how people can be so against him when they fall all over themselves for Ash in [b:The Iron King|6644117|The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1)|Julie Kagawa|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327877670s/6644117.jpg|6838626]. I suppose Mal isn't a prince or a fey, so being human is his downfall. How dare he *sarcasm intended*

Sturmhond is the main addition to the cast this book and he and Mal both fight for my attention. I really can't talk about him much because there's a lot revealed about his character within the book. But suffice to say that the too clever fox makes me like pirates. And his wit just just so perfect and on point.

Now! I absolutely do not under an circumstances understand the obsession people have with the Darkling. No, just no. I love villains. Every one of my friends know this, they can pick out my favorite characters a mile away. The Darkling is a flaccid one dimensional piece of cardboard parading around as a villain. He literally is so boring as a character. It's great that he's all powerful and such, but I can't connect with him being a person. And why the fuck does he not have a real name? Because whenever I think of him, I literally think of him as a dementor. I just do no see him as a human. Done, over, go away forever.

Side characters are somewhat forgettable. I tried to feel bad for some people that got killed, but it was difficult because I couldn't remember some of them. I will say that the twins were awesome (I can't spell their names so I won't try to butcher them) and I do like David. I thought they were all a good ensemble, just sort of all meshed together.

Overall the story moves along at an adequate pace and is very entertaining. I loved it, the second book made me a believer, I'll definitely continue with this series. I just want to see more of a certain fox in the next installment =|