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Between the Lines (Between the Lines, #1) - Tammara Webber,  Kate Rudd,  Todd Haberkorn How do you do this Tammara? How do you manage to make me so interested and sucked into a story that has no sci-fi/fantasy/action-y elements? I'm beginning to think you have voodoo magic. This is not a genre I usually delve into, I don't usually like real world drama because I imagine reading as an escape. I enjoy an escape into fictional adventures. Tammara has changed my perspective with Easy last year and now I've just taken that leap into uncharted waters.

Far be it from me to call this book 'real world drama' because I am not a movie star, so these particular events aren't anything like my life. But there aren't aliens, robots, superpowers, or vampires. I digress. The story is set during the process of a movie production, told from two different points of view between Reid and Emma, who play opposite one another in the adaptation. There's a gaggle of co-stars who revolve around them, all with varying degrees of fame and notoriety, all of whom could be believable people with actual flaws.

Emma is a grounded female lead who doesn't take the idea of fame as necessarily a good thing. She's flawed, but strong and knows who she is. Reid on the other hand is flawed but seems to be in an existential crisis though he's unaware of it. He's obsessed with winning the affections of Emma because of their 'chemistry' and the challenge. He proceeds to go about this in ALL the wrong ways.

Gram is the other part of this puzzle. Though he doesn't have a point of view in the story-telling, he is just as important, if not more so than the others. He's perhaps more interesting because you aren't privy to his thoughts. Although he seems questionable and tends to appear hot and cold, he has his reasons, which he keeps away from most others, unlike Reid who airs all his dirty laundry to his co-stars and the press alike.

The story feels true, I believe these people and their dilemmas. I want to cheer for them when things go well and I'm saddened when they don't go well. This was a quick listen, all of one day because I wanted to know all about these characters.

Again, thank you Tammara for your voodoo mind tricks that have renewed my faith in this genre.