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Killing Floor - Lee Child To be completely honest, this book starts off really slow, at least after the initial arrest which isn't even that intense. It's slow as in first 2 hours I spent thinking 'ughhh' when are they going to stop talking and do something. I'm glad I plunged through it.

What I liked about this books and I think that I miss in other books are the details. I could clearly picture what these people looked like and why they did the things that I did. I could see the town (which I loved the southern depiction by the way), I could feel the heat or the rain, it felt like a story. And I love to be surprised, I love when there's a revelation that makes me gasp. And I love all the details put into the mystery here, it was very well done.

I would really say that my only complaint with the book as that parts were a little rush and unrealistic. I didn't believe this weird relationship that springs between Roscoe and Reacher in the space of a couple days. I also failed to see how he could read so much in one night and understand this huge conspiracy that it took his brother and professors to figure out. Give me a break, I get it, Jack's smart and he's good at deducing things. But that's like a genius level of smart that starts to feel unreal.