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The Exiled Queen - Cinda Williams Chima Well, after feel like I had to struggled through the Demon King, I have to admit that I really liked this book. I think my favorite part of this series is that the focus is on a lot of different characters. Also, there's not just a standard YA love triangle, it's more of a love pentagon or something even larger depending on who you ship and such. I love that. But I enjoyed it, I wish Han would spend a little less time being hurt, I swear for a former street lord that boy is basically always hurt in some form.

I think my only downfall for this book was that it didn't feel like it lead up to much of a climax. It was more of a long story about a school year, with nothing really resolved, but granted it sets up nicely for some more action. I'm hoping the next book brings Raisa and Han together more, at least to make it seem less like two separated stories. Though honestly I do love Amon and Micah as well, I hope to see more of them too.

All in all, I fail to see how people say it's a ya version of A Song of Ice and Fire (which I have read in a variety of places)... I just can't see the similarity, I guess because it's seven realms? But the Graceling story has seven kingdoms as well. So what, authors like to have seven kingdoms? Whatever, people like to compare apples to oranges, that's their problem.