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Insurgent - Veronica Roth I think that Cara's comment about "over simplification" to the other erudite toward the end of this book is how I would sum up this series thus far. I want to like this book, but I somehow can't bring myself to really care either way.

First person narrative gets old real fast. Lets be real, Tris is ridiculous. For being so special and divergent, she's incredibly narrow minded, childish, and fails to see some of the most obvious things. Was she really so caught up in this Faction nonsense that she didn't realize just how many Factionless people there were? It's stupid that she's surprised by that, and even more ridiculous that she's surprised at how human and normal they are. I realize that Roth is trying to emphasize particular human traits with each of these Factions, but I fail to see how they all can consider themselves 'more human' then Factionless people.

I just have a lot of issues with how this society in general is set up. Over simplified is putting it lightly. There's no way your whole life could be based on one emotion. People aren't that easily categorized. This problem makes for really one sided characters, even with these 'divergent' people. Tobias, Tris, Uriah... none of them seem to possess anything interesting and none are really likeable. Hell, the most likeable characters are the Factionless. No surprise there, they aren't trying to live their entire lives based on one character trait.

Bahh I could complain about this book until I'm blue in the face. But at least I managed to get through it, which is more then I can say for most books. At least it was short, so I'll give it an extra star for that.