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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand SERIOUSLY!? What the hell?!

I'm really glad that I didn't write this review right after finishing this book. I was so annoyed that most of my intial comments were probably not meant for children. I'm not going to go a lot into the plot of this book, I don't feel it's necessary. This book drug on forever with no real action and a pretty pitiful climax. Not to mention, there's very few answers about anything!

I understand how series work. The author wants to keep people coming back. But I feel like this book is just exploiting the fact that it's a series. When I get to the end of a book, I expect a certain amount of closure and some new questions. Instead I'm left with nothing of use other than this mythology that the author has created (which honestly I really liked) and what felt like a bunch of half started ideas.

I gave this book 2 stars because at least it had likable characters. Tucker was adorable and I really liked Angela despite the narrators bored voice whenever she read Angela's dialogue. It kind of put a damper on her parts despite the fact that her story is incredibly interesting. Clara really isn't bad either, she's a likable narrator.

I'll have to carefully consider if I want to read anymore.