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Shadow Heir (Dark Swan 4) - Richelle Mead The lesson of this book. Don't trust a ginger. Especially a whole pack of them.

I'm really conflicted about how I feel about this book. I just... don't know. I guess I didn't care for it like I did the others. I felt like there were such huge SL leaps that didn't make sense for characters. Everyone is ok with trusting the random Alabama shaman who in turn are just suddenly a-ok with playing parent, and suddenly Kiyo is pure evil and everyone hates him. Ugh, its just so back and forth. Honestly, the only character who I felt has made a gradual and believable change over the series is Jasmine.

In regards to Kiyo, he was set up for people to hate him, which I didn't like. I like him as a character, it didn't seem fair the direction he went this time. It felt like someone rolled a dice and decided what to make him do. And Dorian? I really kind of hate him and have for a while, that may be where my irritation for the book is stemming from. I think his only redeeming trait was referring to Isaac as Thundro which is hilarious! Despite my dislike of Dorian, I still can't help but to hate Eugenie for deceiving him though. Your deceit is low and dirty Eugenie, after everything YOU have been through now you're withholding information??? Not to mention other people know the truth *cough*Kiyo*cough*. But knowing your life everything will just magically work out and people will love you again despite your flippancy and bitchiness.

Bah! I've found the root of my problem with the story, it's you Thorn Queen, your so damned unlikeable as a person. Badass, yes. A decent person, no. And yet everyone is written to fall all over you or be forced to like you/serve you. This is where I stop before I rant.