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The Demigod Diaries - Rick Riordan I needed a lovely little delve back into the halfblood world. And overall I enjoyed this. The story is a collection of short stories told from different point of voice and about different characters.

Part 1 is Luke's diary. This was easily my favorite story. Luke always has been and will likely always be one of my favorite characters. This story takes place with him and Thalia out on the run just before meeting up with Annabeth. I loved actually see Luke struggling with who he is and even with his ominous future. I would give this part 5 stars.

Part 2 is a story between Percy and Annabeth as they go on the search for Hermes' caduceus. This was just a fun story because I love to see Percy and Annabeth together.

Part 3 is a story about Leo, Piper, and Jason dealing with Bunker 9. Out of the three, this was the one holding the others back, it was just there. I love Leo, but somehow Piper and Leo make him less fun. Blah, this story could be done without.

Part 4 is a story written by RR's son about a son of Hecate named Alabaster who fought on Kronos' side in the Battle for Olympus. This story was just magical. And if I didn't know better, I would think it was written by RR as well. It brings a new perspective to how humans relate to the mythological world. I would totally read more of this story!!