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Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia I'm going to be honest. There were several times I almost put this book down. For a story that's as lacking in complexity as it, it really should have been much shorter. In many cases, the story drug on and on with Ethan and his weird attachment to Lena. I say it's weird, because well it is weird. His obsession with her made me feel uncomfortable sometimes, but thus is the insta-love of YA books.

A lot of things bothered me about this book. The setting was overall a terrible portrayal of the South. I'm not saying it's not accurate, but as someone born and raised in the south, I can tell you for a fact we do not 'all participate in Civil War reenactments', we're not all bitter about the Civil War still, we have more than one store in our town, we have theaters that play current movies, and for god's sake, FOOTBALL is the sport of choice, not basketball. I digress.

I can't sit here and rant because I didn't hate everything about this book. The ending of this book redeemed everything. Despite the fact that it was slightly predictable, I loved it. I cried and I didn't expect that at all!

I'll continue on with the series and we shall see where it goes from there. Only upward I hope. Maybe that's hoping for too much? If they keep killing off side characters I like, this relationship isn't going to last long.