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Easy - Tammara Webber,  Tara Sands This book was amazing. And it's hard to say that about a book that deals with serious topics like rape, assaults, harassment, slut shaming, etc. Webber has found a way to take these and surprisingly underrepresented topics and mold them to a storyline that's both believable and engaging.

Jacqueline, unlike many protagonists in a YA novel is likeable and complex. And despite the short length of the book manages to grow and mature. Lucas is the love interest and is exactly what I think other authors are trying to achieve when then write up a brooding hero. Unlike heroes he's emotionally damaged, tattooed, and works several jobs to make ends meet. Like Jacqueline, he felt like a real person. The setting felt real and was a pretty accurate representation of college life.

It's definitely one to make you think, especially women. Definite must read.