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Heartless (The Parasol Protectorate, #4) - Gail Carriger,  Emily Gray I expected to go into this book and feel halfhearted as a lot of middle books in a series sometimes come across as filler. But I was totally blindsided by a lot of revelations (in a good way). Normally I can see these coming, but I wasn't expecting these. It's a good thing I was in my car alone at some parts because surely my gasps would have garnered a bit more attention then I would have wanted to explain. What can I say, 4 books in, I get invested in characters.

Nevertheless, I have the next book, which the library tried to hide from me. I'll have to see if I can muster up the awesome voices Emily Gray has on the audiobook, but alas my English accent is nonexistent.

And on a side note I hope I get to see more Biffy and Lyall. I think I have a new ship. I regret nothing.