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Clockwork Princess  - Cassandra Clare I honestly feel bad at the end of this book. I feel bad that I didn't like it more. I think I continually go into Cassandra's books with my expectations set so high that nothing could possibly work. I set myself up for this, but it was my own trust and other rave reviews that clouded my judgement.

I have two main complaints with this book, each of with garnered the removal of a star from my rating.

1. This book was far too long. Once the battle with Mortmain was over and I realized there were still 3 hours left, I couldn't help but to feel something else dramatic was going to happen. But no, nothing happened. It was merely another 2 and half hours of character development that wasn't really necessary (which leads into my second point). The last half hour of the epilogue was the only part I felt like I actually cared about.

2. Predictable. This book ended the exact way everyone knew it would and how all the fans had predicted. And that's part of what made the end drag out. Everyone had predicted what would happen, so then having to live through it felt like pulling teeth. There was no surprise, no shock, nothing. It was a let down and I feel like Clare might have been just too hung up on what the fans wanted to happen. It's ok to kill of a character, it's ok for things NOT to work out. I can't help but to feel like we didn't get the ending that was best for the story, we just got the one that she knew people wanted.

Lots of people are going to love this book, lots of people already do. I loved parts of this book and I do love many of the characters. I wouldn't have cried so much during the epilogue if I didn't. I just expected more than a shining bow on a neatly wrapped up conclusion.