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Obsidian  - Justine Eyre, Jennifer L. Armentrout Good god this book could not have ended sooner. Really? This was only 9 or so hours long. It was so agonizingly long because I felt like I was listening to a story I'd heard before. And that story wasn't good the first time around.

I thought it would be good because there's so much positive feedback about it. But really?
People who tell you this is a better version of Twilight are lying. This IS Twilight. Lets look at some comparisons.

Awkward plain brunette. CHECK
Absentee single parent. CHECK
She's the new kid in a small town. CHECK
Meets insanely attractive guy that treats her like shit. CHECK
Hot guys family wants to be her friend. CHECK
Hot guy saves her from an attacker. CHECK
Rest of the family hates the girl for putting them in danger. CHECK
Because of the girl, enemies are after family now. CHECK
Girl thinks throwing her life away solves all problems. CHECK

These same traits could apply to either Twilight or Obsidian, just change the vampire to alien. I really wanted to like this book, but there's nothing likeable about it. Deamon is an ass, Katy is just flaky and not too smart, the only likeable character I thought was Dee and she gets sidelined while 'the men do the work.'

This is ranty, but I did enjoy the aliens and what little of their backstory is revealed. I felt a little cheated there, I kind of want some more information about that and less of the lame arguments between Katy and Deamon. I'll have to think about getting the next one.