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The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown I'm not going to lie. I really loved this book. I'm trying to think of how to put it into the right words but it's difficult.

Anyone who's ever read one of Dan Brown's Robert Langdon books knows that they follow a pattern: Robert is leading his normal professor life, gets pulled into wacky mystery either by accident or someone else's will, some lady (usually a scientist) gets pulled into said mystery with them, somehow the authorities find out, Langdon and lady-friend evade authorities, and mystery gets solved but its usually not in the way Langdon expects.

This one follows the same sorta format. So what's the big deal? I think I enjoyed this book because like Dan Brown's other books, he tackles a subject that most people won't. This go around, his subject matter is secret societies, particularly the Masons. I thought this book would paint them as the evil creepy weird society that no one understands, because weirdly people don't bother to try to understand them. They aren't evil, there's no conspiracy, its not like that at all. Perhaps I just went into this book with a particular bias because my family has a long Masonic history.

Back to the book. I think what got me was that this book had an epic twist. I love getting caught by surprise. I was so wrapped up in the story, I wasn't trying to predict what would happen and I was completely blindsided. That's what this book does, it engulfs you.

I'm done, this is a haphazard review. I loved this book.