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City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare I really wish I could give this 3 and a half stars, because I'm not quite sure I wanted to commit to 4 stars. I enjoyed this book, lets be honest, I enjoy this world. But I DO NOT enjoy Jace and Clary. Separate they'd probably be better characters in my eyes. I'm so bored with them and that fact that everything revolves around them.

One thing I LOVED. Malec. OMG, I'm so glad to see more of them, Magus and Alex are easily the best and most likeable couple. And honestly, that's what made me teary eyed at the end. If they don't fix that, I'm going to be so upset and probably punch a wall.

Also, I loved Sebastian, but I felt like he just jumped right from being kinda normal onto the crazy train without much in between. Maybe he was just really good at acting normal? Or Clary's perspective was too stupid and naive to see it.

Speaking of Clary, am I the only person who feels like whenever she talks about wanting to paint or draw something, it feels forced and not real? A random observation, but something that bothers me. 'oh I wish I had my sketch pad' or 'I wish I had brought my pencils.' No one believes you Clary.

Without any major deaths, this makes me wonder if CC is planning in killing off a shit load of characters in the last book. Honestly if Luke had died I would have been inconsolable. He's just my favorite. But I was ready for it, I don't think I'll be ready for the last book.

And finally. All the references between the Infernal Devices series and this one felt like I was being beaten over the head. Jace reading a Tale of Two Cities, Jace and his hatred of ducks. God, we get it, Jace and Will are related. But honestly, they're like the same person, we got that. There has to be a reason why that series is referred to as the Infernal Devices and they made mention to 'infernal devices' with the new mortal cup.

I'd like to make a few predictions. I think she's going to kill off either Simon or Alec, either will devastate me as I like them better than Jace. Clary, Jace, and even Sebastian I think will make it. I think there's more connections between ID and MI verse, which makes me wonder how long a Silent Brother could live. Could Jem become a Silent Brother and survive his poison? Perhaps I'm way out there and I just don't want to see Jem die. Too many questions and theories!!!

I need to stop reading series that aren't finished, too much time to think about stuff :-/